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Unlike many sequels, SCHERRER 2 stands alone as quite simply an outstanding modern classic. Created in 1986 after the runaway success of the original signature Jean Louis Scherrer fragrance, SCHERRER 2 is rich, sophisticated and eminently feminine. Its heritage reflects the world of haute couture in which Jean Louis Scherrer made his name. This harmonious floral fragrance with its spicy, woody and carnal notes carries an intriguing signature. Sumptuous, seductive and voluptuous it is a timeless symbol of femininity and classic elegance. It has, over time, developed a cult status amongst the fragrance cognoscenti.


Floral-fruity semi-oriental with spicy, carnal and woody notes..

Top Note

A bouquet of floral and hesperidic notes: tangerines from Portugal, rose, jasmine, angelica, tuberose, violet leaves.

Heart Note

Exotic, woody and spicy notes: cinnamon, Bourbon vetiver, Mysore sandalwood, myrrh, cedar.

Base Note

A procession of sensual, carnal notes: civet, castor, benzoin, patchouli, opoponax, musk and oak moss.

Available in Eau de Toilette 25ml, 50ml & 100ml spray.